Time stamp for completion reward


If a group of students are working on this hunt, a certificate of completion can serve as a “reward” at the end.

However, that image can be saved and then shared between devices. That means that “Billy” can finish the hunt but then share the completion proof with “Clara” who hasn’t finished it yet. Clara can then show me the certificate as if she finished it.

Is there any way to add some kind of unique date/time stamp or info that comes up on the end or completion screen for the hunters?

That way a student is less likely to cheat if they have to show a unique completion time info.

Incidentally, the “create new topic” part on the discussion boards now prevents an entire sentence to title the topic to be seen. I only see about 20 characters. I’m on an iPad. Not sure if that makes a difference.



Good suggestion, 3nails4holes. Simply adding the user’s name would probably suffice. I’ll add it to the list.


The only prob with that is when we have 25 kids trying a hunt and half don’t create an account. It isn’t unusual to have lots of “anonymous” working on the same hunt at the same time. A unique time stamp would still confer a specific hunt ending time even if 4 anonymous people finish the hunt in a span of 5 minutes.