Let Go of My Legos!


It was my son’s 8th birthday and my wife and I were looking to do something a little out of the ordinary. It seemed like most birthday parties he had recently attended were at game centers or that cheesy pizza place, which were fun, but we wanted something memorable and something outside before the Texas summers drove us back inside. Needless to say Klikaklu delivered! My son being 8 is an avid Lego fan, so I decided to incorporate Lego’s into the treasure hunt and that turned out to be a real blast and the all the hunter-kids loved it! Our Treasure Hunt took place in a community park that had a variety of things to use for clues, (large artwork pieces, BBQ grills, limestone blocks, patio furniture, etc.) We had a group of about 15 kids at the birthday party, so I broke the group into 3 teams of 5 with a parent serving as “Team Lead”. When I first created the Treasure Hunt, I used my iPhone, but then decided to see how it would work using iPads, so I discovered that due the difference in the cameras I needed to create a hunt using the iPad. Trying to get the clue images to match with an iPad was difficult, so I created a second hunt, using an iPad to create the clue images. On to the hunt!
I created a 9 point or 9 clue hunt and at each clue, I revealed a reward that gave the location to a hidden cache of Lego parts! Each team had a ‘team color’ and at each reward cache I planted a color coded Ziploc bag with Lego pieces in it. Once the team completed the treasure hunt, they had all the Lego parts to put together a cool Lego toy. Since we had multiple teams, I chose to use a Staggered Treasure Hunt. What that does is starts each team at a different first clue, so the teams are not standing around watching where all the rewards caches were hidden. It worked out really well and from what I observed, there was no cheating! (Which of course is a good thing!) On some of the more difficult clues I provided hints. For example, on an old BBQ grill at a park, I gave the hint. “It’s only safe when it’s cold.” and "No dogs on there today!” A couple of teams had to use the hints, and they certainly helped the team find the clue and subsequent reward cache. There were a few benefits we discovered to using the iPad on the hunt. One was the larger screen made sharing the device where all the kids could see the map and clue location much easier. From a setup perspective, using the larger screen enabled me to zoom in and position the clue more accurately on the map. You can do that from launching into the Hints option while setting up your clue. Were there drawbacks to using the iPad? Yes - connectivity. If you don’t have cellular enabled iPads, you will need a Wi-Fi connection. We had “roving” hotpots so we had internet connectivity throughout the hunt. I still like doing hunts on my iPhone, but I can definitely see some certain locations, like museums, where the iPad would shine.
So once the kids checked in with the last clue, they all met back at “HQ” to assemble their Lego toys and then I had a drawing and gave away the 3 toys to the lucky winner. We had some other activities such as kickball, badminton, horseshoes, but when I asked the kids their most favorite activity, Klikaklu clearly won the day! What could I have done better? Creating the hunt closer to the same time of day as we will play the hunt. Lighting and shadows DO make a difference, so keep that in mind! Make my clues more challenging. Since the objects I used for the clues really didn’t provide a good hiding place for the Lego treasure, I decide to hide the Ziploc bag of Lego parts nearby the clue, and the reward picture revealed that location, yet in a couple of cases it was still too easy. So while we want our hunters to ultimately find the clue, we want to be sure and challenge them - even if they are kids!!
While it was nice that all the kids loved the Treasure Hunt, the best compliment came from my son when he told me, "Daddy, this was the best birthday party ever!” That is one of the reasons I am here today. Klikaklu definitely has the potential to turn an ordinary day into an EXTRA-ordinary day!
So this is my first Klikaklu adventure! Hopefully I provided some good information for you and provided some ideas for your next Klikaklu adventure! I look forward to reading about your latest adventure with Klikaklu and using some of your ideas for mine!