Last Minute Easter Hunt


We often do a big production Easter morning, with breakfast, an egg hunt, etc. This year, both my wife and I were stricken by a yucky virus, and it’s been tough to muster the energy.

Yesterday, I picked up some small gifts for the kids. Chocolate bunnies, a few little toys. I meant to put together a hunt with Klikaklu.

Easter morning, while in bed, I panicked realizing I hadn’t done it. The kids were awake, and I didn’t have time to go out and hide their gifts without them seeing me.

So I came up with a trick: I sent them on a hunt that started by going around the neighborhood. That way I could hide their gifts while they were out. The first few clues were ‘Free form’, so I didn’t have to actually leave the house myself. I managed to surreptitiously create several matching clues in the house, just by snapping images while they weren’t looking. Then when they left, I quickly moved the gifts to the locations of the clues I had snapped. It worked really well.

I was customized the clues quite a bit. It was fun searching the internet to find some images I knew my kids would enjoy. I would find one, save it to my camera roll, then import it as the reward for my clues. Then I’d add a cheesy tag line to go with the image. They really enjoyed it.

Probably the best part was being able to observe their progress as they went. Klikaklu has this nice feature of showing player’s progress as they go, automatically refreshing as they worked through the hunt. My wife and I watched them go from clue to clue, and leave fun images as they went. We knew just when they’d arrive home.

Overall, great fun.