Klikaklu on a Field Trip


Several weeks ago, I used a Klikaklu scavenger hunt to turn a very basic and uneventful field trip into an engaging, unforgettable experience. Every year, the 3rd graders at my school take a field trip to the historic downtown area of our small town in California. They walk around, learning about some of the history of each building on a docent led tour and get to end the day getting ice cream at the dairy. Sounds like a great field trip, right? Well, not completely…

In general, the only thing that the kids remember at the end of the day is eating ice cream at the dairy. The information about the historical downtown buildings fades away with each lick of their ice cream cones until they have forgotten it completely. This is where Klikaklu comes in. To remedy the problem of the class only thinking about ice cream, I created a scavenger hunt that includes all of the historical buildings in our downtown area. Each clue had basic information about each major sight downtown and called on students to recall important facts from their studies and find the exact location of the historical building.

The simple fact that the class was going to be taking part in a scavenger hunt on a field trip had my students truly excited. Groups of 3-5 children traipsed through town, collaborating and thinking critically about curriculum based information. They worked exceptionally well together and were genuinely excited when they matched a clue. Little did they know they were studying and showing their knowledge about all they had learned. Parents loved the scavenger hunt as well because it gave the a chance to interact with the students on a whole new level.

Without a doubt, the Klikalu scavenger hunt made my field trip a resounding success. In the end, it was the students’ favorite part of the whole day, surpassing ice cream at the top of the list!


What an awesome and creative way to get your students engaged and excited. What a great way to “stealth teach”! KUDOS!! From the other posts I’ve read, it is clear to me that Klikaklu is fast becoming a very effective tool for teachers to have in their toolbox! Great post and thank you for sharing your exciting adventure!