Crashes in Areas with Spotty Data Access


We have a problem that is showing up for some of our users. It appears both for saving hunts and for playing them (which is a form of saving), and happens when data connectivity is intermittent. We are actively working on a fix, and hope to have an update out soon to remedy the situation. In the meantime, if Klikaklu keeps crashing on you, we recommend the following:

  • First, see if you can clear the app’s cache. You can do this by going to the Info screen, then Diagnostics, then Clear Cache. This will remove any unsaved data from your account, but should get you back up and running.
    If this works for you, you may still be able to recover your hunt: tap Info from the Home screen, then tap Diagnostics, then tap Backups of Recent Hunt Saves. A copy of your hunt will hopefully be there.

  • If you can’t get to the Home screen, delete the app and reinstall it. You will need to sign in again with your user id and password. This will effectively clear your cache, and any unsaved data. We are very sorry for this, we realize it can be quite a bit of work to recreate. We recommend that you not save the hunt until you know you are in an area with good cellular or wifi connectivity.

Again, our apologies for any pain this is causing people, we are working hard to fix it.

Thanks for your patience.


An update: we’ve released a new version (1.20.3) that should take care of this problem.


We’ve put out another version to address this further: 1.20.4. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I have version 1.22.1

I am in a spot that has what I would consider good wi-fi. My internet and other apps on my ipad work perfectly. However, after multiple attempts to create a hunt, it will not save. I’ve created a hunt with 1 clue and nothing else, it will get to 50% uploaded and not go any further. If I had 2-3 clues, it would get to 30% uploaded and stop. Sometimes it doesn’t get past 0%. I’ve cleared my cache, deleted and re-installed, and I can’t make it save a hunt.

Any thoughts?


What device/iOS version are you using?


I am using an ipad to make a scavenger hunt.


If you contact me offline, I can help troubleshoot this further. ken at


I’m not in an area with “spotty data access” but when two of my students downloaded Klikaklu today, the app just crashed. This is happening on their iPads and iPhones. On my iPhone, for example, the app downloads and when I open it from my home screen, the Klikaklu logo shows up but then it just closes. This is exactly what is happening on the student’s iPad. Please help :slight_smile:


I’m guessing you’re using a version of iOS earlier than iOS 8. A recent update I did introduced a bug in earlier versions, and I didn’t test for that. I’ve fixed it, and submitted to the app store for review. A new version should be available next week. Sorry for the hassle.